The Moving - İngilizce Hikaye


The Moving - İngilizce Hikayeler

Susan and Henry have a nice house. They moved into the house ten years ago. They like it very much. It has one big problem. It is very small. They have four rooms. They have three children and two dogs. The children are seven, nine, and twelve years old. Susan and Henry want to move to a big house. They decided to sell their house and buy a big one.
They wanted to clean the house. Henry painted the living room and the kitchen. He painted the living room light blue and the kitchen white. Susan vacuumed the rugs in all the rooms. Then she scrubbed the kitchen floor. She scrubbed the bathroom floor too.

They decided they had too many things. Susan had three beautiful dresses, but they didn't fit. She gave them to her sister. The kids had some nice baby toys. She gave them to her friend. The kids had some old school papers. They didn't want the papers anymore. They recycled them.
Now Susan and Henry's house is very clean and neat. They are going to sell it next week. They asked a real estate agent to help them. People are going to come and look at it next Sunday. They are looking for a new house too.