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Speaking Effective English

Effective English v1.000.009 | 32 MB

:: Hear word from a native English speaker, see animations, and great pictures too.
Here you see is Effective-English, a great and easy way to learn the Basics of English from a native speaker. All elements in this program are designed to make you think and understand better, without being consciously aware of learning them.

Learn and hear the Alphabet in Native English.
There are many great and important words, as well as learning sentences to use them. You can hear the words that are spoken in native English. There are many word`s to learn in 10 categories such as Fruit, Colors, Animals etc.

Play games to help remember words easier.
There are varieties of fun exercises that focus on words with spelling, along with word and picture associations with Flash cards.

Learn to spell and write words.
Learn English the fun way with interactive with sounds to help. It has been proven that with Pictures and Sound together with Interaction, the chances of retaining the knowledge is so much higher. Also you can watch animations of the letters, which you can follow and then copy.

So what can Effective-English Do?
This lists all the major features available in the program.

:: Essential literacy and numeric skills. Features up to 150 various items to learn. There are great pictures which help describe the words you are learning.
:: Help is available in both English and Korean.
:: Proper speech of the Words and Alphabet from native speaker.
:: There are a variety of fun exercises, which focus on words and spelling along with word and picture association. Build up a catalog of essential words as well as learning sentences to use them.
:: Ability to learn and hear the Alphabet. Examples of words with pictures are given.
:: Learn to write the Alphabet in both `UPPERCASE` and `lowercase ` characters to show how to write them correCTLy.
:: There are two languages, british English and American English.
:: Play games such as `Pictures and Words`, `Flash Cards` and `Find a Matching Pair `
:: Learn and build numbers.

-= Effective-English - details =-
Effective-English Environment

This is the main window you will see when you run the program. From here, you can choose what activities you wish to do.

Effective-English Environment (Korean)
This is the main window you will see when you run the program. From here, you can choose what activities you wish to do.

Personalize and record your Activities
The purpose of logging in is to save your results and scores from the games you play. When you return you can choose your name from the drop down list.

View Your Past Activities
Here you can login to Effective-English. This will then save your results and scores from the games you play. They are saved when there have been achievements, such as completing spelling words, finding all pairs in matching cards, correCTLy guessing 10 flash cards in a row, or if words are guessed incorreCTLy.

Play Matching Pairs Game
With this game you have to find two pictures the same. There are six pairs to find. All 150 pictures in the Effective-English database will appear here; its completely random.
Change the Helping Language and English
You can choose which type of English you want. Many countries use American English if you are unsure. You can also change the help text in the program to that of Korean (Korean Windows needed).

Play Pictures and Words
This is a guessing game. Choose letters correCTLy to uncover the `*`. Help is given when you click on the speaker. You have 10 chances to get it right.

Learn Great New Words with the Alphabet
There are over 150 words to learn. Clicking on the letters you will hear the computer speak. Also clicking on the speaker will speak the word.

Choose Which Flash Cards Game to Play
The flash cards give you ten subjects to choose; items include Fruit, Natural, Vegetables, Musical, Transport, Animals, Sport, Pets, General Items and Colors.

Play Flash Cards Game
This is a word linking game. You choose the correct name to match the picture. Help is given when you click on the speaker. A Meter to the left hand side shows you your current score of correct answers. Try to reach 10 in a row.

Learn to Write-A-Long
Learn to write the letters correCTLy. You play the animation and then try for yourself. There are both the Uppercase and Lowercase letters.
Speech of the letters is also heard.

Learn the Sounds of the Numbers
Clicking on the buttons will create the English sound for that number. You can easily create more numbers, for example: `6`, `100`, `1000` will actually sound like 600,000.

File Size: 32.6 MB
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